Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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  Archived News (Pre-Release)
Nintendo confirms March 22nd release date for North America (2008-12-09 10:21:09)
In a recent press release, Nintendo officially confirmed March 22, 2009 as the North American release date for Pokemon Platinum. In addition, a box art and manufacturer's product description have surfaced due to a slip-up by Circuit City.
Guide: Obtaining the Secret Key and new Rotom formes (2008-10-01 23:34:03)
Between September 28 and November 4, the Secret Key can be downloaded via Wi-Fi Mystery Gift in order to obtain the five new Rotom formes. Our guide walks you through the entire process, from unlocking Mystery Gift to opening the hidden passageway in Team Galactic HQ.
Platinum Post-Elite Four Sidequests Guide (2008-09-12 11:57:54)
We've begun to document the sidequests available after beating the Elite Four in Platinum. This list is currently incomplete, but we are working to finish everything as quickly as we can.
Platinum "Bare Bones" Walkthrough Finished (2008-09-11 10:40:59)
We have completed our bare bones walkthrough up to becoming Sinnoh Champion. It's quite basic and in many cases, assumes prior knowledge of Diamond/Pearl events, but you should be able to beat the game quite easily by following the instructions as listed.
Five Rotom formes confirmed (2008-09-10 23:58:53)
The five mysterious Pokémon silhouettes have been confirmed to be new Rotom formes. They are known as Heat Rotom, Wash Rotom, Frost Rotom, Cut Rotom, and Spin Rotom. All of them are Electric/Ghost, but each forme can learn a special move.
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