Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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  The Battle Hall

Battle Hall

The Battle Hall is at the upper-left corner of the Battle Frontier. Here, you enter one Pokémon of your choosing for one-on-one battles. The objective is to keep your winning streak going as long as possible.

Info At-A-Glance | Rules | Brain Battle

Info At-A-Glance
Location Battle Frontier Northwest
Battle Modes Single (1v1), Double (2v2), Wi-Fi Multi, Wireless Multi
Level Cap Lv. 100 (Pokémon stats not recomputed upon entry)
Held Items Allowed entry
Pokémon Healing Automatic (Between battles)
Streak 10 wins
Brain Hall Matron ARGENTA
Brain Battles 50th & 170th (end of 5th & 17th streaks)

At the Battle Hall, you may take Single or Double Battle challenges alone. For the Single Battle challenge, you enter one Pokémon of at least Lv. 30. The Double Battle Challenge requires you to enter two of the same kind of Pokémon that are at least Lv. 30 each. Winning-streak records are kept for individual kinds of Pokémon. That makes it possible for any kind of Pokémon to aim for no. 1. When you enter the Hall, you will be asked to choose the type and rank of the Pokémon you want to battle. If you manage to win ten matches in a row, you will earn Battle Points (BP). If you want to interrupt your challenge, please save the game. If you don’t save, you will be disqualified from your challenge. Please be aware of that!

In-Depth Strategy
Each type is initially set at Rank 1. You will have to choose one of these types. Your next opponent's Pokemon will be of the type you selected. With each victory, the rank of that type will increase by 1, maxing out at 10. With each increase in rank, the level of your opponent's Pokemon is increased by two. Once 10 trainers from one type have been defeated, that type is completed and can no longer be chosen.

Opponents' levels are always lower than or equal to yours. When you start out, your opponents' Pokemon may be as many 30 levels lower than yours, and they gradually increase (even among different types) as you extend your winning streak. The Frontier Brain's Pokemon levels always match yours.

You do NOT have to finish off a type during a streak. The streak goes by number of battles (in this case, 10), so you can finish the Level 1s for ten different types if you want to. Note that to win the colored stamp in your Battle Recorder, you do have to max out all 17 types to Level 10, for a total of 170 battles.

The strategy is to make your moveset as diverse as possible. Given that you're limited to just one Pokemon, you can only have moves representing four different types. Still, do you what you can: there should never be two moves of the same type. Pick a Pokemon like Spiritomb, whose Ghost/Dark combo leaves no outright weakness. Be cautious when picking types that your Pokemon is strong against, as some of your opponents' high-rank Pokemon will have second types that are advantageous against your Pokemon (for example, if you have a fiery Chimchar, you might go up against a Water/Grass Ludicolo who knows Hydro Pump.) Plan accordingly so you don't fall into that trap.

Brain Battle
Hall Matron ARGENTA
Battle Hall Frontier Brain

(Note: ??? denotes Pokémon and moves that are chosen at random.)

Match 1
(50th battle)

Silver Print

Random Pokémon
(Matches your Pokémon's stats)
??? Random Move
??? Random Move
??? Random Move
??? Random Move
Match 2
(170th battle)

Gold Print

Random Pokémon
(Matches your Pokémon's stats)
??? Random Move
??? Random Move
??? Random Move
??? Random Move

Battle Points Earned
Streak 1v1 2v2 WFM WLM Streak 1v1 2v2 WFM WLM
1 1 BP 1 BP 6 BP 12 BP 10 4 BP 4 BP 12 BP 12 BP
2 1 BP 1 BP 6 BP 12 BP 11 4 BP 4 BP 12 BP 12 BP
3 1 BP 1 BP 6 BP 12 BP 12 6 BP 6 BP 14 BP 12 BP
4 2 BP 2 BP 8 BP 12 BP 13 6 BP 6 BP 15 BP 12 BP
5 20 BP 2 BP 8 BP 12 BP 14 8 BP 8 BP 17 BP 12 BP
6 2 BP 2 BP 8 BP 12 BP 15 8 BP 8 BP 17 BP 12 BP
7 3 BP 3 BP 10 BP 12 BP 16 10 BP 10 BP 20 BP 12 BP
8 3 BP 3 BP 10 BP 12 BP 7 20 BP 10 BP 20 BP 12 BP
9 3 BP 3 BP 10 BP 12 BP 18+ 12 BP 12 BP 23 BP 12 BP
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