Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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  The Battle Tower

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is the building at the back of the Battle Frontier. The object is to enter a team of different Pokémon and battle on until you lose.

Info At-A-Glance | Rules | Brain Battle

Info At-A-Glance
Location Battle Frontier North
Battle Modes Single (3v3), Double (4v4), Wi-Fi Multi, Wireless Multi
Level Cap Lv. 50 (Pokémon stats recomputed upon entry)
Held Items Allowed entry (Each Pokémon's item must be unique)
Pokémon Healing Automatic (Between battles)
Streak 7 wins
Brain Tower Tycoon PALMER
Brain Battles 21st & 49th (end of 3rd & 7th streaks)

The Battle Tower is a facility for Single or Double Battle challenges. Once entered, your challenge lasts until you lose. In Single Battle format, you enter with three Pokémon. In Double Battle format, you enter with four Pokémon. The battles are held in Battle Rooms, of which there are many in the Tower. In each of the Battle Rooms, seven Trainers await your challenge. If you manage to defeat all seven, you will earn Battle Points (BP). If you want to interrupt your challenge, please save the game. If you don’t save, you will be disqualified from your challenge. Please be aware of that!

Ribbons Earned in the Battle Tower
Icon Ribbon Description
Ability Ribbon Defeat Tower Tycoon Palmer (1st time)
Great Ability Ribbon Defeat Tower Tycoon Palmer (2nd time)
Double Ability Ribbon Win 50 consecutive Double Battles.
Multi Ability Ribbon Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles.
Pair Ability Ribbon Complete the Battle Tower Link Multi challenge.
World Ability Ribbon Complete the Wi-Fi Battle Tower challenge.

Brain Battle
Tower Tycoon PALMER
Battle Tower Frontier Brain

(Note: ??? denotes Pokémon and moves that are chosen at random.)

Match 1
(21st battle)

Silver Print

Lv. 50

Lv. 50

Lv. 50

??? Random Move
Dragon Claw
Ice Beam
Aerial Ace
??? Random Move
Thunder Wave
Hypnosis Roar
??? Random Move
Match 2
(49th battle)

Gold Print

Lv. 50
Lv. 50

Lv. 50

??? Random move
Magma Storm
Crush Grip
??? Random move
Flash Cannon
??? Random move
Earth Power
??? Random move
??? Random move
??? Random move
Drain Punch

Battle Points Earned
Streak 1v1 2v2 WFM WLM Streak 1v1 2v2 WFM WLM
1 3 BP 3 BP 3 BP 8 BP 5 5 BP 5 BP 5 BP 14 BP
2 3 BP 3 BP 3 BP 9 BP 6 5 BP 5 BP 5 BP 15 BP
3 20 BP 4 BP 4 BP 11 BP 7 20 BP 7 BP 7 BP 18 BP
4 4 BP 4 BP 4 BP 12 BP 8+ 7 BP 7 BP 7 BP 18 BP

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