Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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  The Distortion World

Distortion World

Home to the legendary Giratina, the Distortion World is a mysterious area where time and space are warped. Players can wsurf down giant waterfalls and walk upside-down on floating platforms.

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Info At-A-Glance
Type Dungeon
Floors 8 basement levels
Entered From Spear Pillar, Turnback Cave
Exits to Sendoff Spring
Wild Pokémon #487 Giratina
Items Platinum Orb (x1)
HMs Needed HM04 Strength, HM07 Waterfall
Trainer Battles Galactic Boss CYRUS

Level B1 Level B2 Level B3
Level B4 Level B5 Level B6
Level B7 Level B8 Level B8 (Revisited)

POI Screenshot Description
[1] Speak with Cynthia here and take elevator [A] down to Level B2.
[2] Uxie appears here to signal that you are on the right track. Proceed along the path.
[3] Meet Cynthia again on Level B4.
[4] Press the switch.
[6] Push the boulder into the hole.
[7] Navigate through the vine maze.
[8] Use HM07 Waterfall to ride down the waterfall to Level B6.
[11] You will fight Cyrus for the third time. See the Trainer Battles section for more details.
[12] This is your only chance to capture Giratina, so be sure to save before the battle. As the battle drags on, use a Timer Ball for better odds.

Wild Pokémon
Icon Pokémon Lv. Type Capture Rate Method Rarity

#487 Giratina 47 3 / 255 Event Only One

Trainer Battles
Galactic Boss CYRUS
Reward: 4800 Pokédollars
Lv. 45
1967 EXP
Lv. 47
1883 EXP
Lv. 46
2010 EXP
Lv. 46
2109 EXP
Lv. 48
1961 EXP
Drill Peck
Cross Poison
Giga Impact
Night Slash
Dark Pulse
Night Slash
Air Slash
Ice Punch
Heat Wave
Confuse Ray
Ice Fang
Fake Out
Thunder Fang


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