Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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  Hidden Machines Guide

Hidden Machines Guide

Isn't it irritating when you head off on some route, only to notice that you've forgotten to bring a Pokémon who knows an HM move that you need to navigate it? Then you have to fly back to a Pokémon Center to withdraw a monster that does have the moves you need. Unless you always leave two or more slots in your party for "HM slaves," this guide may help you plan ahead to avoid wasting valuable time.

List of HM Locations:

    • HM01: Cut is received from Cynthia in Eterna City.
      HM02: Fly is obtained from the Galactic HQ in Veilstone City.
      HM03: Surf is received from the elder in Celestic Town.
      HM04: Strength is received from Riley on Iron Island.
      HM05: Defog can be retrieved from the Solaceon Ruins.
      HM06: Rock Smash is received from a man in Oreburgh Gate.
      HM07: Waterfall is received from Jasmine in Sunyshore City.
      HM08: Rock Climb is retrieved on Route 217.
  • Even though the Bike is not a Hidden Machine, it is necessary to navigate quite a few routes. We've noted this in our guide. Unlike HMs, your Bike is always available to you in the Key Items section of your bag, once you've obtained it in Eterna City prior to the second badge.

    HMs in parentheses indicate ones that are not strictly necessary to get through a route, city, or dungeon, but may be beneficial or necessary if you want to explore 100% of it.

    HM & Location List
    Location HMs Needed
    Oreburgh Gate(Rock Smash, Surf, Strength)
    Oreburgh MineRock Smash
    Ravaged PathRock Smash, (Surf)
    Route 205(Cut, Surf)
    Eterna Forest(Cut)
    Eterna CityCut
    Wayward CaveBike, Rock Smash
    Route 210Defog, (Rock Smash, Waterfall, Bike)
    Route 214, 213(Rock Climb, Surf)
    Route 212(Cut, Bike)
    Route 218Surf
    Lake VeritySurf
    Acuity LakefrontRock Smash
    Lake AcuitySurf
    Mt. CoronetSurf, Defog, Strength, Rock Smash
    Distortion WorldSurf, Strength
    Sendoff SpringRock Climb
    Route 220Surf
    Route 223Surf
    Victory RoadRock Smash, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Climb
    Pokémon LeagueWaterfall, Surf
    Turnback CaveRock Smash
    Snowpoint TempleRock Smash, Strength
    Route 225Cut, Surf, Rock Climb
    Route 226Surf, Rock Climb
    Route 228Bike
    Route 227Bike, Rock Climb
    Stark MountainRock Climb, Strength, Rock Smash
    Route 230Surf

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