Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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Part 5: To Pastoria Gym
Posted by Tim F. on 2008-09-15 08:17:49 UTC
Veilstone City (トバリシティ, tobari city)
- Meet with Dawn and battle two Galactic Grunts at their warehouse in the NW corner of Veilstone City
- Pick up HM02: Fly in the warehouse

Route 214 - Route 213
- Note that this is the opposite direction of the usual 212-213-214 route sequence in Diamond/Pearl.

Pastoria City (ノモセシティ, nomose city)
- Battle rival outside the gym (he should come from nowhere to battle you, not block the gym's entrance)
- Rival battle: Staravia Lv. 34, Ponyta Lv. 32, <Your anti-starter>Lv. 36, Roselia Lv. 32 - 3600 yen

#5 Pastoria Gym
- This gym's layout is identical to that in Diamond/Pearl.
- Push switches to raise/lower the water level to form bridges to Crasher Wake
- Crasher Wake: Gyarados Lv. 33, Floatzel Lv. 37, Quagsire Lv. 34 - 4400 yen
- Receive Fen Badge. TM 55

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