Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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Part 7: To Snowpoint Gym
Posted by Tim F. on 2008-09-15 08:21:19 UTC
Canalave City
- Talk to the sailor in the SW corner Canalave
- Set sail for Iron Island

Iron Island (こうてつじま, kotetsu jima)
- Receive HM04: Strength from Riley

Canalave City
- Meet your rival in front of Canalave Library
- Travel to the top floor of the library to meet your rival, Prof. Rowan, and Dawn

Lake Valor (リッシこ, risshi-ko)
- Fly to Pastoria City, then travel by foot to Lake Valor.
- Defeat the Galactic Grunts in this area, followed by Commander Saturn in the cave.

Lake Verity
- Fly to Twinleaf Town, then travel by foot to Lake Verity.
- Defeat the Galactic Grunts in this area and Commander Mars.

Route 211 - Mt. Coronet - Route 216
- You can enter Mt. Coronet via Route 211's Jubilife side or Celestic side.
- Use HM04: Strength on the boulders to move them out of the way.
- Exit to Route 216.

Route 216 - Route 217 - Acuity Lakefront
- This area has a very heavy snowstorm blowing; otherwise everything is the same as in D/P.
- Pick up HM08: Rock Climb on Route 217 (it's one of the Pokeballs lying on the route)
- At Acuity Lakefront, there's a hill where you have to use Rock Climb. You can't use it yet, so head east towards Snowpoint City.

#7 Snowpoint Gym
- The snowballs' positions are slightly different from D/P's, but the gym's overall structure is exactly the same.
- Slide down the slippery slopes to gain momentum, crushing the snowballs in your way.
- Leader Candice: Sneasel Lv. 40, Abomasnow Lv. 42, Froslass Lv. 44, Piloswine Lv. 40
- Receive Icicle Badge, TM 72

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