Pokémon Platinum, the official sequel to Diamond/Pearl, was released in the Americas on March 22, 2009 and in Europe on May 22. Our resources include a walkthrough, Pokédex, and more.
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  Sinnoh Dex
Icon No. Species Type(s) Where to See
001TurtwigLeader Gardenia, Eterna Gym
002GrotleTrainer, Route 210
003Torterra Trainer, Victory Road
004ChimcharTrainer, Route 207
005Monferno Trainer, Route 212
006Infernape Elite Four Flint, Pokemon League
007PiplupTrainer, Route 205
008PrinplupTrainer, Route 212
009Empoleon Trainer, Victory Road
010Starly Trainer, Route 202
011Staravia Trainer, Route 206
012Staraptor Trainer, Victory Road
013BidoofTrainer, Route 202
014Bibarel Trainer, Route 212
015KricketotTrainer, Route 203
016KricketuneTrainer, Route 218
017ShinxTrainer, Route 203
018LuxioTrainer, Route 207
019LuxrayTrainer, Route 222
020AbraTrainer, Route 203
021KadabraTrainer, Galactic HQ
022AlakazamElite Four Lucian, Pokemon League
023MagikarpTrainer, Route 204
024Gyarados Leader Wake, Pastoria Gym
025Budew Trainer, Route 203
026Roselia Trainer, Route 205
027Roserade Leader Gardenia, Eterna Gym
028Zubat Trainer, Route 203
029Golbat Trainer, Route 210
030Crobat Boss Cyrus, Galactic HQ
031Geodude Trainer, Oreburgh Mine
032Graveler Trainer, Iron Island
033Golem Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
034Onix Trainer, Route 205
035Steelix Trainer, Iron Island
036CranidosLeader Roark, Oreburgh Gym
037RampardosTrainer, Victory Road
038Shieldon Trainer, Route 215
039Bastiodon Leader Byron, Canalave Gym
040MachopTrainer, Route 203
041MachokeTrainer, Veilstone Gym
042MachampTrainer, Victory Road
043PsyduckTrainer, Route 203
044GolduckTrainer, Pastoria Gym
045BurmyTrainer, Route 202
046Wormadam Trainer, Route 214
047Mothim Trainer, Lost Tower
048WurmpleTrainer, Route 204
049SilcoonTrainer, Eterna Forest
050Beautifly Trainer, Eterna Forest
051CascoonTrainer, Eterna Forest
052Dustox Trainer, Eterna Forest
053Combee Trainer, Route 208
054Vespiquen Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
055PachirisuTrainer, Route 204
056BuizelTrainer, Wayward Cave
057FloatzelLeader Wake, Pastoria Gym
058CherubiTrainer, Route 204
059CherrimLeader Gardenia, Eterna Gym
060ShellosTrainer, Wayward Cave
061Gastrodon Trainer, Route 220
062Heracross Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
063AipomTrainer, Route 205
064AmbipomTrainer, Route 216
065Drifloon Trainer, Route 214
066Drifblim Trainer, Route 215
067BunearyTrainer, Wayward Cave
068LopunnyTrainer, Route 221
069Gastly Trainer, Hearthome Gym
070Haunter Leader Fantina, Hearthome Gym
071Gengar Trainer, Victory Road
072MisdreavusTrainer, Lost Tower
073MismagiusLeader Fantia, Hearthome Gym
074Murkrow Trainer, Lost Tower
075Honchkrow Boss Cyrus, Galactic HQ
076GlameowGalactic Grunt, Jubilife City
077PuruglyCommander Mars, Lake Verity
078GoldeenTrainer, Route 205
079SeakingTrainer, Route 220
080Barboach Trainer, Lost Tower
081Whiscash Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
082ChinglingTrainer, Route 214
083ChimechoTrainer, Victory Road
084Stunky Galactic Grunt, Jubilife City
085Skuntank Commander Jupiter, T.G. Eterna Bldg
086Meditite Trainer, Eterna Forest
087Medicham Trainer, Route 220
088Bronzor Trainer, Wayward Cave
089Bronzong Elite Four Lucian, Pokemon League
090PonytaTrainer, Route 205
091RapidashTrainer, Route 210
092BonslyTrainer, Route 209
093SudowoodoTrainer, Route 216
094Mime Jr.Trainer, Route 209
095Mr. MimeTrainer, Route 216
096HappinyTrainer, Route 210
097ChanseyCheryl, Eterna Forest
098BlisseyTrainer, Victory Road
099CleffaTrainer, Route 209
100ClefairyTrainer, Route 210
101ClefableTrainer, Victory Road
102Chatot Trainer, Lost Tower
103PichuTrainer, Route 209
104PikachuTrainer, Route 206
105RaichuTrainer, Route 10
106Hoothoot Trainer, Wayward Cave
107Noctowl Trainer, Route 210
108Spiritomb Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
109Gible Trainer, Wayward Cave
110Gabite Trainer, Victory Road
111Garchomp Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
112MunchlaxTrainer, Route 210
113SnorlaxRival, Pokemon League
114UnownWild Encounter, Solaceon Ruins
115RioluTrainer, Route 217
116Lucario Leader Maylene, Veilstone Gym
117Wooper Trainer, Route 212
118Quagsire Leader Wake, Pastoria Gym
119Wingull Trainer, Pastoria Gym
120Pelipper Trainer, Pastoria Gym
121Girafarig Trainer, Route 210
122HippopotasTrainer, Iron Island
123HippowdonElite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
124AzurillTrainer, Pastoria Gym
125MarillTrainer, Route 213.
126AzumarillTrainer, Pastoria Gym
127Skorupi Trainer, Route 210
128Drapion Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
129Croagunk Trainer, T.G. Eterna Bldg
130Toxicroak Trainer, Iron Island
131CarnivineTrainer, Route 214
132RemoraidTrainer, Route 213
133OctilleryTrainer, Route 220
134FinneonTrainer, Route 220
135LumineonTrainer, Route 223
136Tentacool Trainer, Route 220
137Tentacruel Trainer, Route 220
138FeebasTrainer, Route 222
139MiloticChampion Cynthia, Pokemon League
140Mantyke Trainer, Route 218
141Mantine Trainer, Route 223
142Snover Trainer, Route 217
143Abomasnow Leader Candice, Snowpoint Gym
144Sneasel Boss Cyrus, Celestic Town
145Weavile Boss Cyrus, Distortion World
146UxieWild Encounter, Lake Acuity
147MespritWild Encounter, Lake Verity
148AzelfWild Encounter, Lake Valor
149Dialga Wild Encounter, Spear Pillar
150Palkia Wild Encounter, Spear Pillar
151ManaphyMr. Backlot's Room (Book), Pokemon Mansion
152Rotom Wild Encounter (TV), Old Chateau (Night)
153Gligar Trainer, Route 207
154Gliscor Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
155NosepassTrainer, Route 207
156Probopass Trainer, Route 210
157RaltsTrainer, Route 215
158KirliaTrainer, Route 214
159GardevoirTrainer, Victory Road
160Gallade Elite Four Lucian, Pokemon League
161LickitungTrainer, Route 215
162LickilickyTrainer, Victory Road
163EeveeTrainer, Route 209
164VaporeonTrainer, Route 214
165JolteonTrainer, Route 214
166FlareonTrainer, Route 214
167EspeonTrainer, Route 212
168UmbreonTrainer, Route 212
169LeafeonTrainer, Route 212
170GlaceonTrainer, Route 217
171Swablu Trainer, Victory Road
172Altaria Trainer, Victory Road
173TogepiTrainer, Route 210
174Togetic Trainer, Route 221
175Togekiss Champion Cynthia, Pokemon League
176Houndour Galactic Grunt, Celestic Town
177Houndoom Elite Four Flint, Pokemon League
178Magnemite Trainer, Route 218
179Magneton Leader Byron, Canalave Gym
180Magnezone Trainer, Victory Road
181TangelaTrainer, Route 214
182TangrowthTrainer, Victory Road
183Yanma Trainer, Route 214
184Yanmega Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
185Tropius Trainer, Route 214
186Rhyhorn Trainer, Iron Island
187Rhydon Trainer, Victory Road
188Rhyperior Elite Four Bertha, Pokemon League
189DuskullLeader Fantina, Hearthome Gym
190DusclopsTrainer, Route 216
191DusknoirTrainer, Victory Road
192PorygonTrainer, Route 214
193Porygon2Trainer, Route 216
194Porygon-ZTrainer, Victory Road
195Scyther Trainer, Route 210
196Scizor Elite Four Aaron, Pokemon League
197ElekidTrainer, Route 210
198ElectabuzzTrainer, Route 217
199ElectivireLeader Volkner, Sunyshore Gym
200MagbyTrainer, Route 210
201MagmarTrainer, Fuego Ironworks
202MagmortarElite Four Flint, Pokemon League
203Swinub Trainer, Route 217
204Piloswine Trainer, Route 217
205Mamoswine Trainer, Victory Road
206SnoruntTrainer, Route 217
207GlalieTrainer, Snowpoint Gym
208Froslass Leader Candice, Snowpoint Gym
209AbsolTrainer, Victory Road
210Giratina Wild Encounter, Distortion World

  Upgrading to the National Dex
To obtain the National Dex, you must see (not necessarily catch) all 210 Sinnoh Pokémon via the trainer battles and wild encounters listed above. Then, head to Prof. Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town! The National Dex will have slots for 493 Pokémon.

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